Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest diversions

Ok, so I have 2 new diversions in my life. One is good and healthy, as long as you don't over estimate you abilities, and don't have friends (or nephews for that matter) who are out to "kill" you. That diversion is swimming. I have been working my legs fairly well by bike riding, however that hasn't been helping my arms at all. I have only been 3 times in the last 2 weeks, but have felt the work out every time. I will probably only participate once a week or so, do to the fact that the lake where it would be free looks more like a mud puddle, and I don't want to be paying several times a week just to go swimming, and I have to wait for my schedule and friends with access to a pools schedules to coincide. Never the less, I have found that to be a great workout and lots of fun.

My other new addiction is no where near as healthy, mainly because computer games don't workout much more than the fingers needed to push the buttons. The price on this one is perfect though, and I have spent much more time on this than much else this week. A big part of that is that some of my nephews and one niece are here, at least that is my excuse. This diversion is call TrackMania. A racing game that is free to download, and play either on line or off. Some of the reasons this game has captured my interest so much is that it is a non-violent game with very challenging play and great graphics for the price. Here are some screen shots.